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Flowers Exhibition and Mission Millets

An exhibition of flowers and millets dedicated to the Earth Day and the International Year of Millets was held at Nishan E Sikhi International School on 22 April, 2023 with the support of all the staff and students under the supervision of Principal and Headmistress.The agenda of the exhibition was to encourage the re-cultivation of millet, jawar, ragi, etc., which are the traditional crops of Punjab. Various models, charts , projects were prepared by the senior students whereas junior champs brought Millets in tiny pots as per the instructions and these projects were presented in an eloquent manner. The initiative was taken to aware the parents about the merits and demerits of Millets and current crops respectively. Students explained the different varieties of Millets which astonished all the visitors of this exhibition and they also shared valuable feedback regarding this event.During the exhibition, students not only highlighted the health benefits of having Millets in regular diet but also shared delectable recipes made from Millets. Many dishes made from these grains were served to taste. Baba Sewa Singh Ji Kaar Seva Khadur Sahib, Baba Baljinder Singh Ji Rara Sahib, arrived specially and they appreciated the exhibition organised by the staff and students. On this occasion, Baba Baldev Singh ji, S. Avtar Singh Bajwa (Secretary), S. Waryam Singh (Secretary), S. Baldev Singh Sandhu ( Director) S. Jaswinderpal Singh Bhatia ( Director)of various institutions running under Nishan-e-Sikhi Charitable Trust, entire staff of Nishan E Sikhi International School,students and their parents were present. A glimpse of this memorable exhibition has been attached below.