Sports competitions and activities inculcate the spirit of positive challenges ; sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead. Sports, Games and Physical Fitness occupy a place of importance in our curriculum.

Our students have participated enthusiastically in sports as Kho- Kho ,Handball, Football, Volleyball etc and made Nishan -E-Sikhi International School proud at many zonal, District and State level and even on many platforms . Our students have got marvellous achievements in the field of sports .

7Kho-Kho U-14 Girls’ team has got First position at Zone level and also got selected for District level and two players are selected for state level.

1. Eveleen Kaur VIII
2. Anureet Kaur VII
3. Sukhdeep Kaur VI
4. Jasmeen Kaur VII
5. Khushpreet Kaur VII
6. Jasmeet Kaur VII
7. Sukhmandeep Kaur VII
8. Sukhmanpreet Kaur VII
9. Jasmeen Kaur VII
10. Varshdeep Kaur VII
11. Kajnpreet Kaur VIII
12. Agreed Kaur VII

Kho-kho U-17 Girls’ team has got Second position in zone level and five girls selected for District level

1. Manjeet Kaur IX
3. Sehajpreet Kaur X
4. Mehakdeep Kaur VIII
5. Gurwinder Kaur IX
6. Khushpreet Kaur VIII
7. Tanupreet Kaur IX
8. Harleen Kaur IX
9. Gurnee Kaur XI
10. Manreet Kaur IX
11. Mehakpreet Kaur X
12. Mehakpreet Kaur IX

Handball U-14 boys’ team has got First position at Zone level and all players are selected for District level.

1. Inmoljit Singh VII
2. Karndeep Singh VII Am
3. Updesh Singh VII
4. Robanpreet Singh VII
5. Sahilpreet Singh VII
6. Angatdeep Singh VII
7. Gurwanshpreet Singh VII
8. Navjot Singh VII
9. Anmoljit Singh VII
10. Gurtejdeep Singh VI
11. Harmanpreet Singh VI
12. Karanbir Singh VII

Handball U-17 boys' team has got First position in zone level and all players are selected for District level.

1. Jaideep Singh IX
2. Simratpal Singh IX
3. Jaideep Singh IX
4. Ramanjot Singh IX
5. Manmeet Singh IX
6. Lovepreet Singh IX
7. Gursahib Singh IX
8. Pavitjot Singh IX
9. Paranjot Singh IX
10. Kultaj Singh IX
11. Balraj Singh VIII
12. Manmeet Singh IX
13. Gursimran Singh IX

Football U-19 boys' team has got second position at Zone level and six players are selected for District level .

1. Amninder Singh XI
2. Amolak Singh XI
3. Navkaran Singh XI
4. Harmanjit Singh XI
5. Yashmeet Singh XI
6. Sehajpal Singh XI
7. Arjun Singh XI
8. Mohammad Rihan XI
9. Dilshanpreet Singh XI
10. Harlot Singh XI
11. Sukhmanpreet Singh XI
12. Husanpreet Singh XI
13. Himmatjot Singh XI
14. Damandeep Singh XI
15. Harjap Singh XI
16. Havendeep Singh XI

Volleyball U-14 girls, second in zone level,First in District level and three girls selected for State level.

1. Gursirat Kaur VI
2. Khushpreet Kaur VI
3. Jasmeet Kaur VI
5. Jaspreet Kaur VII
6. Harmanpreet Kaur VII