With the blessings of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, I am glad to convey my good wishes to the students and the staff of NESIS, Khadur Sahib. They have tried to fly on the wings of Imagination to pen down their musings. It could all have been possible with the great guidance of Baba Sewa Singh Ji, tireless efforts of Kaar Kewa Khadur Sahib and the great contribution Kartan Singh Thakral & the family from Singapore to cause of education in Khadur Sahib. NESIS is a unique place of learning. In addition to improting curriculum based education, we focus on fostering values and higher moral standard. We believe that such an environment can lay a strong and stable foundation for a successful life. we are committed to provide top of the field faculty ultra modern infrastructure and a dynamic learning environmen to the students. Academic excellence, along with curricular and co-curricular activities create holistic learning opportunities. AS a dedicated team, our biggest motivator is the deep sense of satisfaction drawn from students participation for the improvement in all aspects of their personality.
Mrs.Rupinder Kaur
Head Mistress